Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 2009

This first one is only to show how blue the sky was at the beach on was almost eerie!!

Time just flies......

My Marcia from NoDak emailed me and told me to get goin' on the postin' so here's new post. Thanks for the nudge and I'm glad to hear from you!

Saturday, Larry went fishing and Ian was at All State for choir, so I decided I'd take my little self to the beach. I'm in the middle of a 50-something-redefining life deal, and I knew the coast was the place for me. I threw some Jack Johnson into the CD player, drove over the mountains and had a wonderful time all by myself. I suppose that means I'm mature enough to do that sort of thing. How odd.....never think of myself as being a grownup yet.....anyway, I played at a scrapbook shop and made a fun make 'n take, walked along the beach, took some pictures, talked to God, and got a LOT of things straightened out in my head. I left home at 12:o1 and returned before dinner at about 5:14. It was revitalizing to say the least.

I've put some pictures above...I meant to put them below, but I can't figure out how to do that :{

Not much else goin' on around here except work, eat, sleep..should do less eating :) I'm interviewing for a position as an Autism Consultant in a very large school district. We'll see what happens. We really need medical benefits and a paycheck SOON!!!! I have two other offers in rehab facilities, but I think my heart really lies with the kids AND the school work calendar is quite enticing. This Spring I'll teach another course for University of Oregon so that will be fun, too.

That's about it for today. Thanks for reading. "Be careful out there," and have a wonderfully, happy day !!


Kris Farrar said...

You are my hero, I want to be just like you when "I grow up"...confident and wise, it's a good combination.

Allanna said...

I'm glad that you posted!

And good luck with the district position! They'll be lucky to have you (and they had BETTER realize that. Or I'll be sorely tempted to kick them in the head.)

And, to post the pictures below, just move the code to where you want it. (For me, it takes a lot of trial and error. And if you knew how incredibly impatient and frustratable I am, you'd totally appreciate what I go through for my blog. ^_^)

I'm glad that you had a wonderful day at the beach!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't commented yet! *smacks own hand* Bad daughter! Bad, bad daughter! I was talking to you on the phone while reading this, so you already know that I LOVE your pictures... I also agree with Kris... I want to be just like you when I grow up too.

An easier way to move the pictures is when you're in the blog editor mode (where you type) just hit ctrl+X (cut) and then move your cursor down to where you want your picture and hit ctrl+V (paste) That's what I do... it's the easiest. I tried it the code way, and I just always mess it up.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! And since it's still too early to call you (I classify 4:49am your time too early, you're welcome!) I GOT MY PACKAGE!!! IT WAS AWWEEEEESOOMMMMEEE!!! I'm posting pics to the blog, and I'll call you at a more sensible hour... I love you mama and daddy and brudder!